Benefits of Pre-booking your Appointment

Benefits of Pre-booking your Appointment

What is it?

Prebooking is the easiest way to book an appointment in advance while checking out from your appointment. By doing this, you're helping yourself keep organized and on top of your appointments, but also help your stylist by keeping loyal to them. This method of booking is a two-way benefitting system that is fool-proof and is sure to get you in our books when you need!

Allow Yourself Choices

By prebooking, you can look at your busy schedule and select a day that will work for you. By doing this in advance, you insure that the perfect spot will be saved for you, and preventing your stylist having to "squeeze you in" and compromising your service and potentially other's as well. When your appointment is booked, you won't need to worry about it once you leave our salon! Here at Dolce, we know lives get busy, but we have observed that those who pre-book their appointments find it easier and more convenient than waiting until the last minute to book, when books are typically fuller.

Keep-up the Look

Pre-booking is also essential to upkeep your amazing style! If you just got a brand new head of highlights, your stylist will most likely recommend that you come back in 6-10 weeks for a refresh. By pre-booking that appointment, you can ensure that your hair will always look and feel fabulous.

Scheduling Self-care

During our busy lives we often put aside our self-care. Booking your appointment in advance gives you an opportunity to be able to schedule that self-care in without feeling guilty. Pre-booking then becomes a habit, and your hair will thank you for it!

Supporting the Business

Booking your appointment in advance also helps our business by ensuring that our stylist's clients are happy and returning to them. Prebooking gives us an estimate of how well we are doing in terms of service quality and customer experience. We want to be the best, therefore want you to prebook so we can ensure you get in to see your favourite stylist!

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