As a full service salon, our goal is to give every client an amazing experience from the minute they walk in until they leave the Dolce doors. We understand our clients want the best service possible, and we appreciate that you have chosen us. We are grateful to be trusted as a top-rated salon to deliver amazing hairstyles to all our lovely clients. By creating this atmosphere, we need to hold ourselves to a certain standard of service, comparable to a high-end restaurant. When clients walk into our salon, we want to welcome them with a warm and luxurious experience that lasts throughout their appointment. Regardless of the stylist you see, we want to make sure our standard of service is maintained throughout the Salon. 

Why Do We Have Stylist Levels?

Our Stylist levels are based on education, time management, and clientele. These levels allow us to create different prices to suit most client needs. Some clients prefer a faster haircut, which can be done by any of our Senior Stylists. For a client with a smaller budget, we can recommend any of our Junior Stylists knowing that basic fundamental knowledge on hair cutting and styling skills is required for any stylist at Dolce Salon.

Junior Stylists (or Apprentice Stylists) must "Do To Learn" while still delivering the "Dolce Quality" standard of service. Junior stylists are working towards their Hairdressing License and Red Seal. They will have less work experience and work under the supervision of a Licensed stylist. Because they are new to the profession, they will command a lower fee from their clients. In some cases, you may expect a longer service appointment to allow that stylist to deliver the best look possible. 

Advanced Stylists are Licensed Hair Stylists who have had a bit of experience behind the chair as a Junior Stylist, and have earned the promotion to this Advanced position. To earn this, they need to work very hard on technique and perfecting every service. Their time management skills have improved and they have a good skillset to perform great hairstyles.

Senior Stylists have many years of experience under their belt, and are confident in all hair techniques. Most of them have gone to many classes and evolved their techniques over the years. Their speed and accuracy make for amazing results in less time. 

Master stylists (or Salon Directors) are the highest-ranking stylists in the salon. Their expertise helps them achieve a variety of cutting and styling methods that stylists with less experience might not know. They are great role-models for our Junior and Advanced Stylists, and are there to support their growth as Hairstylists. 

Where Do Our Prices Come From?

All of our set prices include product cost based on the average length or density of hair. Lengthier and denser hair will require a higher demand on product and therefore, additional time for the stylist to deliver the desired results. A hair salon spends a lot of money ensuring all expenses are paid and stylists can comfortably perform services.

Individual stylists pay a lot of money out of pocket as well. A lot of these expenses help them grow as a stylist and can earn them a promotion.

  • Education is one of the main expenses a hair stylist will pay to kickstart their career. After earning their license, some will choose to continue their education throughout their career to learn new techniques and better themselves. This creates a strong skill set for them to use in the salon, and therefore earn promotions and up their prices based on the time and money they have spent bettering themselves.
  • Hair Tools can also be a big expense for some hair stylists. It is the things that help them create beautiful looks, and having great professional tools can better the quality and the standard of service. Doesn't it feel so much better getting your hair done by someone who uses top quality tools?

At Dolce Salon, we try to make your experience memorable. To create this high quality service, we offer lattes, cappuccinos, teas, and hot chocolate. These expenses are not necessary to every salon, but we believe it heightens your experience at our salon. Without these extras, we would be just another salon, unable to justify our prices because our standard of service would be basic. Striving for excellent customer service means always going the extra mile for our clients!

How Much Should I Tip My Stylist?

Stylists don't have any expectations when it comes to tips; they will be happy knowing their client has had a great experience. It is however important to tip your stylist according to your level of satisfaction with the results. If your service was generally good, we recommend tipping 15-20% as a good starting point.

A tip is a way to tell your stylist "Hey, I really enjoyed my service today, here's something to thank you.". It helps stylists build confidence in themselves knowing that their clients are genuinely loving their hair! The tip speaks volumes on your experience, and will let the stylist know they're making you feel great about your hair!

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