Senior Stylist
Specialties: Perm, Men, Women, Colouring

Ghazi is an extremely experienced stylist who has been working in the beauty industry for over 35 years. This experience has been built through Ghazi's belief that knowledge is power and by always keeping on top of ever-evolving trends through his ongoing education and working with internationally renowned stylists. In the changing face of beauty trends that Ghazi has seen, the remaining constant has always been his love of clients and creating beautiful hair for everyone.

Ghazi believes that clients should be treated like family -- and you always take care of family. He creates hair with the client in mind to ensure the customization of the style is in harmony with the client's physique, lifestyle, and personality. Ghazi loves to make a difference in people's lives which is seen in his kind and deeply caring character.

Ghazi is proud to work at Dolce Salon, in which he has found a very pleasant atmosphere that makes anyone feel welcome. The team at Dolce works like a family and allows him the comfort to create and learn with other team members, and where he can continue to grow as a stylist.

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