Classic waves, modern texturizing, perms; whatever we call them, they're back! While to those of us who remember 80's perms, it seems crazy that perms could be trending again.  Truth is, the popularity of this classic technique has grown significantly in the last few years, especially with teenage boys. With improved curl care and customized perming techniques, more people are embracing the beauty of perms.

Firstly - What is a Perm?

A permanent wave involves wrapping sections of hair around rods or curl formers, applying a waving solution (usually alkaline) to the rods, rinsing, and applying a neutralizing solution. The waving solution causes the hair's outer layer (aka the cuticle) to swell and become flexible, taking the shape of the rod or curl former. The neutralizing solution hardens the cuticle, creating natural-looking waves or curls.

To Perm or Not to Perm

Here are some guidelines to follow:

You SHOULD get a perm if:

  •  you want a natural curl style
  • you want hair with improved body and texture
  • you want easy-to-care for styling
  • your hair is relatively healthy

You SHOULD NOT get a perm if:

  • you want perfect, curling iron style curls
  • you have hair that is over-processed or too porous. The perm may not take or may cause severe damage.
  • you have used henna on your hair

Intrigued? Book a consultation with one of our perm specialists and explore a new texture adventure today!

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