First came Highlights, then Balayage, and now the two greatest blonde trends have combined to create the amazing Foilyage technique!

What is Foilyage?

It is one of the newest bleaching techniques that creates a beautiful, bright, natural look. Foilyage uses the balayage painting technique over the hair strands to create a smooth and seamless look. After the strand is painted, it is then wrapped in a foil to create intense contrast and lighten the hair even more. The result? A beautiful, defined blonde that requires very low maintenance. Amazing, right?

Why choose Foilyage over Balayage?

While a Balayage will create beautiful soft blondes, it may not be bright enough for your taste. In this case, we recommend a foilyage as it will intensify the blonde and create a contrasting effect that is to DYE for! 

Ladies with darker hair wanting to go lighter, this one's for you! While a Balayage can be subtly beautiful, a Foilyage will create such light tones that it may be the best way to go lighter faster! Of course, lightening your hair will always cause damage, but by using this technique and avoiding most of the roots, your hair will remain strong and healthy while still shining bright! 

What about maintenance?

It's simple: Foilyage lasts! While Highlights grow out and need constant maintenance, a Foilyage doesn't! Its Balayage properties help the regrowth become seamless, and you may only need to come in every 6 months! For you ladies who like a low-maintenance look, consider asking your stylist about this technique next time you come in.

We also recommend doing one of our in-salon Kerastase Booster Treatments during each service to keep the integrity of your hair and making it easier to maintain in the long-run. The Booster Treatment helps repair the integrity of the hair that so often gets lost in the bleaching process, leaving your hair smooth and healthy. There is nothing better than healthy feeling, bright blonde hair! 

Dolce Foilyage

Want to give it a go?

Our stylists are eager to use this technique on you, so why not book an appointment today? Just give us a call and let us know you'd like a Foilyage! Our wonderful front desk team will pair you with one of our talented stylists to create your greatest look yet!

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