The Gemstone Collection was released this year by Eminence and includes some amazingly beneficial ingredients. The gemstones infused through each product begins a self-love journey right from your bathroom. Giving yourself a moment of me-time each morning and night by following a skincare routine is one of the easiest steps you can take on your journey to self love and mindfulness. These products were thoughtfuly created to promote protection, transformation, light, happiness, self love, and inner healing.

The Charcoal Exfoliating Gel Cleanser includes Malachite Gemstones, which has protective and transformative properties. The active ingredient in this cleanser is charcoal, which can absorb toxins up to 1000 times its weight. These detoxifying properties are essential in purifying and renewing your epidermal layer. Blue matcha, derived from butterfly pea flower, serves as an extra antioxidant and helps your skin to further clarify. This cleanser is best for normal to oily skin, as it is too abrasive for sensitive skin as a daily cleanser. More sensitive skin types could benefit from a once a week exfoliation using this cleanser to exfoliate dead skin cells while detoxifying the skin.

The Turmeric Energizing Treatment includes Citrine Gemstones, which bring light and happiness to this treatment. Turmeric is the main active ingredient in this product, and it brings healing, anti-inflammatory, and brightening properties for your skin to enjoy. Zeolite is another component and it is responsible for the heat that this treatment involves, to re-energize and detoxify the skin and improve its overall look and feel. This treatment is amazing to use on all skin types; it transforms from a powder to a mousse by reacting with water to stimulate and exfoliate your skin. For more sensitive skin types, it is recommended to use a bit more water than powder when mixing. 

The Camellia Glow Solid Face Oil includes Pink Tourmaline Gemstones, which support self love and inner healing. The camellia oil in this product is the active ingredient that brings antioxidant properties to the oil. The Marula oil present is also an important ingredient, part of the eucalyptus family, and an essential fatty acid nourishing and protecting the skin from impurities. This product is heat sensitive, starting off as a hard paste and melting into your hands when rubbing them together, creating an amazing self-care moment. This solid face oil is all about giving that healhty glow to the skin, nourishing the top layer of the skin, and protecting it from outside pollutors and debris. 

 This collection is sure to bring some health, joy, and purity to your skin care routine, so come by and try it anytime at Dolce Salon, #EnergizeAndGlow.

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